Day 15 – Monday, February 11, 2013

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Border Fight Could Solve Water Deficit Border Fight Could Solve Water Deficit

Georgia lawmakers have hatched yet another plan to resolve a 195-year border dispute with Tennessee. The idea, which the state House approved Tuesday, would also fix the state's water supply problem, and would involve giving up most of the land in dispute in exchange for access to the Tennessee River. The northern border of Georgia was meant to be established at the 35th parallel.

Feds Net Alleged Dirty Cops Feds Net Alleged Dirty Cops

A federal police corruption investigation led to the arrests of a number of officers. Ten current and former law enforcement officers in metro Atlanta have been accused of working for cocaine dealers. U.S. Attorney Sally Yates says the officers have been charged with accepting thousands of dollars in cash to provide protection during drug deals.

Defense Cuts Feared in GeorgiaDefense Cuts Feared in Georgia

Pres. Obama will deliver his State of the Union address Tuesday. There’s talk about whether federal lawmakers can make a deal to avoid military-related cuts as part of the sequestration. State lawmakers are concerned about cuts impacting thousands of Georgians employed in the defense industry.

State Revenues Up More Than 10 PercentState Revenues Up More Than 10 Percent

Tax collection growth in Georgia grew by more than 10 percent last month, potentially improving the state's budget situation. Gov. Nathan Deal's administration said Monday that tax and other collections stood at roughly $1.7 billion in January, up roughly 10.4 percent compared to same period last year.

Should Talks On Troubled School Boards Be Closed?Should Talks On Troubled School Boards Be Closed?

Education officials could deliberate privately about troubled Georgia school boards under a plan being considered in the General Assembly. Republican Rep. Tom Dickson of Cohutta has proposed letting the state Board of Education deliberate privately when deciding whether to recommend the removal of local school boards when accreditation agencies put their school systems on probation.


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