Day 39 – Tuesday, March 27, 2012


House Session 10:00am
Senate Session 10:00am

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Sine Die: Deadline Day Ticks DownSine Die: Deadline Day Ticks Down

Thursday is the final day of political wrangling before lawmakers end this year's legislative session. The 40th day of the session is called sine die. That’s a Latin term that means “without assigning another day.” It sounds like SIGN OR DIE, which, is actually the case. It’s the final day for lawmakers to pass bills for the Governor to sign.

Consolidation Is Tough Sell In SavannahConsolidation Is Tough Sell In Savannah

Governor Nathan Deal is expected to sign a bill allowing voters in Macon and Bibb County to decide whether they want to merge city and county governments. If voters there approve the change in July, it would leave Savannah and Chatham County as anti-consolidation hold-outs.

Gingrich Revamps Campaign To Deny Romney Delegates Gingrich Revamps Campaign To Deny Romney Delegates

Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich is drastically reorganizing his money- and delegate-deprived campaign to focus on low-cost social media and an effort to cajole delegates to back him over front-runner Mitt Romney. Gingrich spokesman R.C. Hammond says one-third of Gingrich's campaign staff has been laid off and his campaign manager has been asked to resign.

Fire Department AuditFire Department Audit

Members of the Columbus City Council are expressing concerns about minority recruitment and policies regarding drunken driving following an audit of the city's fire department.

House Rejects Deadhead LoggingHouse Rejects Deadhead Logging

House lawmakers have rejected a proposal that would allow people to profit by pulling logs sunken long ago in Georgia rivers. The House of Representatives voted 67-93 to reject the legislation Tuesday from Senate President Pro Tempore Tommie Williams.


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