Day 35 – Tuesday, March 20, 2012


House Session 10:00am
Senate Session 10:00am
Lawmakers 7:00pm

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Domestic Violence Bill Heads To Governor Domestic Violence Bill Heads To Governor

Victims of domestic violence could be required to testify against their spouses under new legislation that's headed to the governor's desk. Under the current law, victims of domestic violence can claim spousal privilege, meaning they can't be forced to testify against their spouse in court. This measure would eliminate that clause.

All Bets Are Off Horse Racing This YearAll Bets Are Off Horse Racing This Year

Gambling on horse racing won’t be on the ballot this November. A State House Committee tabled the bill Wednesday. Supporters are betting that the controversial legislation to legalize horse gambling will be brought to life next year—with a fighting chance to become law. The enabling legislation would have designated part of the proceeds from racetracks to help fund the HOPE Scholarship.

Criminal Justice Reform Goes To HouseCriminal Justice Reform Goes To House

After months of debate, the proposal to overhaul Georgia's criminal justice system is headed to a vote in the state House, perhaps as early as Wednesday.

Senate Panel Approves $19.3B 2013 BudgetSenate Panel Approves $19.3B 2013 Budget

The 2013 state budget is on its way to the Senate for a final vote before going to the Governor for his signature. On Tuesday the Senate Appropriations Committee approved the $19.2 billion-dollar spending plan.

Tax Reform Surges AheadTax Reform Surges Ahead

State lawmakers overwhelmingly passed a bill Tuesday that would reinstate the back-to-school sales tax holiday and eliminate the sales tax on energy used by manufacturers. It would also change some taxes on car purchases and force out-of-state retailers to collect sales taxes on some Internet purchases.



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