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Day 28 - Wednesday, February 29, 2012


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President Obama To Visit CDC To Address Ebola Crisis

President Barack Obama will travel next week to Atlanta to address the Ebola crisis during a visit to the Centers for Disease Control.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest says Obama will be in Atlanta on Tuesday. He'll be briefed about the outbreak and discuss the U.S. response with officials. Earnest says Obama will also thank the doctors, scientists and health care workers responding to the crisis.

Nathan Deal And Jason Carter Spar Over Education (Again)

Georgia’s gubernatorial candidates traded barbs again Friday over the future of public education in the state. State Senator Jason Carter, a Democrat, backs a separate education budget to hold school spending sacrosanct. Gov. Nathan Deal rejects that as a gimmick. The issue reflects a basic disagreement between the candidates about the impact of years of austerity cuts to school spending.

Elections and Education: A Love Story?

Education has taken center stage in Georgia’s gubernatorial race. Gov. Nathan Deal and his Democratic opponent Jason Carter will speak at an educational forum on Friday. Each fancies himself the education candidate. But educators are sometimes wary when politicians here in Georgia or in Washington wade into the debate on schools. That’s because they say schools – and students – often get left behind.

WATCH LIVE: President Obama’s Address To The Nation On The Islamic State

President Obama will address the nation tonight at 9 p.m.
He will outline his strategy to combat the Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria. Watch the PBS NewsHour live stream here.

In Macon, Legislators Hear Arguments For Medical Marijuana In Georgia

Legislators are considering arguments in favor of medical marijuana in Georgia. At an open hearing at Mercer University Wednesday, people got a chance to tell a panel of lawmakers why they think the time to legalize medical marijuana is right.

About 14 people spoke to the panel at the second of five planned open hearings.

7:00PDick Cavett's Watergate
8:00PRoosevelts: An Intimate History

In The Arena (1901-1910)

10:00PRoosevelts: An Intimate History

In The Arena (1901-1910)