Day 12 – Wednesday, February 1, 2012


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Southern Regulators Push NuclearSouthern Regulators Push Nuclear

The country's first new nuclear reactors in a generation are all being built in the South. Industry groups say, the region is growing at a rate that demands cheap power. But others aren't so sure. Critics say, there's nothing cheap about nuclear and consumers will be the ones paying the price. One thing is certain, however.

Committee OKs Charter School BillCommittee OKs Charter School Bill

A state legislative committee approved a resolution Thursday that would allow Georgians to vote on whether the state can authorize charter schools. The measure would overturn a Georgia Supreme Court ruling that banned the state’s charter school commission.

Senators Want Work Visa ChangeSenators Want Work Visa Change

The Georgia Senate Agriculture committee has approved a resolution urging Congress to allow states to administer their own version of the federal visa program that allows employers to bring in foreign workers for seasonal agricultural work. Senate Resolution 715 also asks for year-round workers in the agriculture industry to be considered along with temporary workers.

Go Fish Still Ramping UpGo Fish Still Ramping Up

A taxpayer-funded program to build 17 jumbo boat ramps and a fishing education center in Georgia is drawing criticism for underperforming. But officials say it’s still too early to condemn the Go Fish Initiative.

Bill Expands Child Abuse ReportingBill Expands Child Abuse Reporting

A state senator has proposed a bill that would make it mandatory to report child abuse to a law enforcement agency. Current law requires teachers, doctors, nurses and counselors to report suspected abuse. Sponsor Sen. Renee Unterman says her bill would expand the category of mandatory reporters.


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