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Chancellor Opposes Illegal Student LawChancellor Opposes Illegal Student Law

Georgia’s top university official asked lawmakers Tuesday to table a controversial bill. It would bar illegal immigrants from attending any of the state’s 35 public colleges and universities. The bill would affect about 300 students, or one tenth of one percent of students enrolled in the University System of Georgia.

Senate Approves Hunting Bills Senate Approves Hunting Bills

The Georgia Senate has approved legislation that would give a special hunting permit to children with terminal illnesses. Senate Bill 309, also known as Taylor's Law, was approved by a vote of 53-1. Sen. Rick Jeffares of Locust Grove, says the issue was brought to his attention last fall by the family of Taylor Gramling, who was nearing the end of her battle with leukemia.

Democrats Continue HOPE PushDemocrats Continue HOPE Push

State Democrats have filed a bill seeking to lower requirements for technical college students who receive HOPE grants. Republicans in the majority have so far not filed any bills on HOPE but it’s the second measure from Democrats aimed at increasing access to the state’s college scholarship programs.

State Denies Execution ClemencyState Denies Execution Clemency

The Georgia pardons board has denied clemency for a death row inmate who has refused to file appeals that would likely delay his lethal injection for years.

Dredging Roils South Carolina PoliticsDredging Roils South Carolina Politics

South Carolina's legislature is revolting over the Savannah harbor deepening project. Columbia lawmakers last week passed resolutions objecting to the proposed project, essentially blackening South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley's eye. Haley and Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal support the project, aimed at attracting larger ships to the Port of Savannah.


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