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High School Football

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We are just one week away from the Finals at the Georgia Dome and it has most certainly been quite a ride. Tonight’s semi-finals matchup is Colquitt County High School vs. Grayson High School.
The newest school featured on GPB Football Friday, is Colquitt High School located in Moultrie, Georgia. Colquitt High School is home of the Mighty Packers. This is the second consecutive year that the Colquitt Packers have made it to the State Semi-Finals in football. Aside from the school’s success in Football, Colquitt High is very serious when it comes to students meeting their academic achievements. The faculty and staff makes sure to keep their teaching standards up to part to maintain the school’s mission statement of “striving for excellence today to prepare student to be successful tomorrow”.* Besides having a strong academic program, Colquitt High offers their students many different opportunities to get involved in extracurricular activities. Students can become a part of the Baseball team, Soccer, Basketball, Track and Field and the school’s completive Diving Team. For the students that are not as athletic, they have the option to participant in SGA, the Art Club, the Spanish Club, the Beta Club, and just about anything that meets their interest. Hey!! Did You Know… That Colquitt has found a more beneficial way for students to give back to their community while clearing up their library debt at the same time? Students have the ability to reduce the library fees by donating 1 can good for every 50 cents they owe? This program was created to teach students to put their money where their mouths are or better yet, put their money where the mouths of the less fortunate are during this holiday season. I personally like this program, smart idea guys!!!

Grayson High School located in Loganville, Georgia is the home to the Mighty Rams whose school motto is “First Comes Learning”. Grayson High is making their second debut on GPB’s Friday Night Football. They will be taking on Colquitt High school this Friday on the Mighty Rams’ home turf. As the season winds down and football finals are coming up next week, the Rams have shown that they just might be the Kings of the football field this year. I guess we will just have to wait and see. In the meantime, let’s learn some interesting things about the Rams. Grayson High was officially established in 1913 and has done a lot of remodeling over the years. Since opening the school almost a hundred years ago, there have been many constructional additions such as more class rooms, a theatre, a band room and the most unusual structural feather of the school is an actual tunnel leading from the school’s basement to the football field. Hey!!! Did You Know… that Grayson County High School DECA students put an interesting twist on a way to help raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. The call it their Jail-N-Bail program started in 1997 and to this date has raised over $52,000. Also, this year the Grayson County DECA raised over $2,000 at a car show, all the proceeds from the car show will go to the Grayson County Special Olympics.