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High School Football

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Photo by Brian Phillips
Photo by Brian Phillips

As the countdown to the Finals continues, this week’s Thanksgiving week matchup features the Wilcox County Patriots vs. Wesleyan Wolves.

Wilcox County High is located in Rochelle, Georgia. Home of the Elite Patriots; Wilcox makes it their daily mission to “provide instruction that promotes academic, social, cultural and emotional development.”* Allowing students to participate in Football, Cheerleading, Track and Field, Drama, Band, and basically anything else you could think of. This school is very good for students who love all types of sports. For water lovers, Wilcox County High has one of the top swimming programs in Rochelle, Georgia. They are also known for their pep band, which always jams everywhere they go. The Patriots has a strong sense on school spirit, especially for their football team. The Patriots are without a doubt the most patriotic school in Rochelle, Georgia when it comes to their school programs. Speaking of school spirit, Hey Did You Know… that this year, students and teachers dressed up as funny characters and celebrities during Red Ribbon week to bring awareness of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug and violence prevention to the community.

The Wesleyan School is located in Norcross, Georgia and is the home of the Mighty Wolves. Wesleyan was established in 1963 and was an integral component of the Sandy Springs United Methodist Church.** Wesleyan makes it their goal to prepare each student for the next step in his or her academic journey towards college. The school offers a Liberal Arts program to give their students the chance to help build their own learning experience instead of following the normal every day curriculum. Outside of being able to choose their own courses, students are encouraged to participant in some of the numerous sports and clubs the school has to offer. Some of those sports and clubs include Lacrosse, Softball, Baseball, Wrestling, Band, Dance, and Theater to name a few. Hey!! Did You Know… that while most high schools and colleges simply have a school newspaper, Wesleyan have their own MAGAZINE that comes out once a semester. While reading some of the articles in the Fall 09 edition, I came across a remarkable story. Courtney Day wrote a book her freshman year of high school about her battle with primary Lymphedema; the book is called “A Leg Up! On Lymphedema.” The book was originally designed to be a personal journal about how she dealt with the physical and emotional pain of this disease. After her ordeal, she published the book in order to help others who might be going through the same situation. To get your copy of “A Leg Up! On Lymphedema” or to get more information about Courtney’s story, please visit