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Now that summer has officially started, many families are planning vacations and outings to fill time off from school.  Summer months are great for outdoor activities and outdoor cooking, but can also be a dangerous time for children. 


Outside activities should be limited to early morning or late evening hours.  Avoid peak hour temperatures by engaging in indoor activities that will not require exposure to the sun.  Families can visit local museums, movie theaters and local bowling or skating rinks. 


Also, dressing for outside adventures can help prevent heat exhaustion.  Light colored clothing reflects the sun’s heat from the body while dark-colored clothing attracts and absorbs heat.  To learn more about heat-related illnesses visit the Georgia Center for Disease Control or Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta websites. 


Pool safety is another area to revisit.  According to , nearly 1000 children die each year by drowning and the majority of drownings happen in home swimming pools.  Parents must remember to safeguard temporary and permanent fixture pools from young children.  Make sure that children are supervised at all times by an adult and never let them swim alone.


More Summer Safety Tips:

  • Drink lots of water
  • Apply sunscreen
  • Avoid sugary drinks
  • Eat lighter meals
  • Eat healthier foods like fruits & vegetables