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Did you know that March was “music” in our schools month? The National Association for Music Education campaign raises awareness of the importance of music in our culture and educational system. With educational funds being cut due to budget needs, you can find out how to ensure that our students will have access to a comprehensive, sequential music education taught by exemplary music educators by visiting

We all know that music can add a little spice to anyone’s life. Tell your kids when they are doing chores to crank up the music and sing their way to the finish. If your commute to work is dull, put in your favorite cd and sing your way through that traffic jam.

Speaking of funky tunes, the 22nd annual Savannah Music Festival, Georgia’s largest annual festival, takes place March 24th through April 9th in the historic city of Savannah. The premier music festival will showcase classical, jazz, blues, Americana and world music from internationally acclaimed artists. For more information, visit . You don’t want to miss it! But if you can’t make it to Savannah, be sure to listen to GPB radio on Sunday nights at 9PM to hear great performances of the festive sounds of the Savannah Music Festival!