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It’s the countdown to the December work stoppage. No matter what your faith, what your job, what your lifestyle: you are completely covered up with recitals, end of the year celebrations, coach’s gifts and crafts. As Dorothy Parker would say, “what fresh hell is this?”

Between cookie dough, glitter and final exams, I’ve about had it with this time of year. I needed a laugh, so I checked out Nora Effron’s, new book, I Remember Nothing. Absolutely hilarious for “women of a certain age” – you can listen to her interview on NPR here: – I bought two copies for my sisters this weekend (while attending a school orchestra performance at our local book store, of course.) Why stop laughing now?

My favorite cooking show has no annoying video attached – it’s on radio. I listen each Saturday to The Splendid Table at noon on GPB Radio while hauling my kids from activity to activity. Last Saturday I nearly drove off the road when Amy Sedaris stopped by with some gift-giving help from her hilarious new book, Simple Times, Crafts for Poor People. Here’s the link in case you missed it .

If your feeling curious and ecumenical, GPB has a magnificent documentary airing this week, The Calling where you’ll meet seven young religious students — Muslim, Catholic, Evangelical Christian, and Jewish — who are on a dramatic journey as they train to become the next generation of professional clergy. You’ll get hooked when you see the trailer. See the whole documentary on GPB next Monday, December 20 and  and Tuesday, December 21 at 9 p.m.