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Sandra Fryhofer, MD

Dr. Sandy Says: Chocolate Easter Bunnies Can Be Heart Healthy...

By Sandra Fryhofer, MDPosted March 29, 2013 5:59pm (EDT)
Dr. Sandy Says: Chocolate Easter Bunnies Can Be Heart Healthy...

...depending on the type of chocolate you choose. Here are some tips for picking the "heart- healthiest" chocolate Easter bunny:

When it comes to chocolate, “darker” chocolate has higher cocoa content and the higher the cocoa content, the greater the heart benefits. The milk chocolate variety has added sugar and saturated fatty acids, which can offset cocoa’s health benefits. So sticking with dark varieties which are rich in flavanols is best. Recent medical studies have also shown that Chocolate may lower the risk of heart failure, heart attack, and death from heart disease. Flavinols in chocolate can also help lower blood pressure.

These studies should take the guilt out of eating your favorite chocolate bunny (or eggs), but don’t use this as an excuse to eat too much. Don’t forget calories!


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