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Working and Career

Working and Career

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A promotional photo of Boris Karloff as Frankenstein’s monster from Universal Studios “The Bride of Frankenstein.” (Photo via <a

I Work With Frankenstein

I love the image of Frankenstein: a big, slow-moving, uncommunicative monster that lumbers along in the world. More often than not, he’s gentle and non-threatening, stopping to pet the occasional kitten. The big theme...

October 29, 2013

My Co-Worker Is A Ghost

Sometimes the problem with coworkers isn’t what you see, it’s what you don’t see that becomes the issue. When you want them to be there, they aren’t. When you try to find them, you can’t. To make matters worse, in some...

October 22, 2013
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WORKING: Keep This To Yourself

Many of us think of the human resources department as, well, a resource. They are people who can help us when we’re having trouble at work or with our benefits. Workplace consultant Brandon Smith says we often forget...

October 21, 2013
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WORKING: Bouncing Back From Failure

The Braves and Falcons have experienced some very public failures at work this week. How do you bounce back after you blow your big work project? “You can usually reclaim your position within 12 months. But it’s got to...

October 14, 2013
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'My Co-Worker Is Scary' 2013 Edition

My coworker is scary. If you’ve been a loyal follower of this blog (of course you have. Pat yourself on the back for being AWESOME!), you may recognize this topic. This marks the first time I’ve decided to resurrect a...

October 9, 2013
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WORKING: Learning From The Shutdown

The federal government shutdown continues this morning. Our Working guy says compromising in Congress, like in any workplace, has to be about putting yourself in the other person’s shoes. “You should seek to understand...

October 7, 2013
(Photo Courtesy of hang_in_there via Flickr.)

How To Look And Act Confident - Part 2

Image matters. We’d love to be able to say that it doesn’t, but it does. And yes, the way a person carries him or herself can directly communicate their internal level of confidence. In the last post, I made the case...

October 1, 2013
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WORKING: Self-Employed Stigma

People who are entrepreneurs or who have been self-employed bring a lot of skills to the table when they apply for jobs. “Self-starter, innovative, you can wear multiple hats. You’re not gonna ever say, ‘Well that’s not...

September 30, 2013
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How To Look And Act Confident - Part 1

Sometimes there is no level of coaching or inspiration to get someone to feel more confident. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try or how hard you search, it’s just not there. It’s in those situations that the only...

September 24, 2013
(Photo Courtesy of Muriel Miralles de Sawicki via stock.xchng.)

WORKING: Encore Careers Encore

A mid-50s government worker is nearing retirement and looking for a lower-paying job with less responsibility. She has been applying for jobs that fit the bill, but no one will hire her, even though she has two graduate...

September 23, 2013