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WORKING: Unconventional Networking

(Photo Courtesy of Philippe Ramakers via stock.xchng.)
(Photo Courtesy of Philippe Ramakers via stock.xchng.)

Are you tired of the same old job-fair networking routine? Posting constant updates on Linked In? Always being ready with the short elevator pitch to give people over coffee or at events?

Our career expert, Brandon Smith, says there are alternatives.

Like the farmers’ market.

“When you’re maybe going there every week and you’re meeting with the same people – not only the people selling you produce but the other people that are there buying stuff – you have common interests. [It’s a] great place to network,” he says.

The key is building relationships wherever you can. Some of Smith’s other unconventional spots to expand your network are on this week’s Working on GPB Radio.

Click here ask Brandon a question about your job or career. We might answer you on the air.