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WORKING: Fixing Your Screw-Ups

(Photo Courtesy of Noel Abejo via stock.xchng.)
(Photo Courtesy of Noel Abejo via stock.xchng.)

Saying “I’m sorry” is hard, no matter the setting. At work, it can be even more challenging. And the thing is, we all make mistakes at our jobs and have to fess up.

It turns out, though, apologizing to your boss when you screw up isn’t all there is to repairing the damage.

“We spend all the time [during our apology] on the past, talking about what went on,” says Brandon Smith, our regular guest on Working and a workplace consultant. “Really the boss wants us to spend the majority of the time talking about the solution. How are we going to fix it?”

This week on Working on GPB Radio: mea culpa best practices with your boss, your customers and your co-workers.

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