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WORKING: In A Cliche Rut?

(Photo Courtesy of Arjun Kartha via stock.xchng.)
(Photo Courtesy of Arjun Kartha via stock.xchng.)

We tackle lots of serious and interesting work problems with Brandon Smith on Working. This week, we’re having a little bit of fun looking at all the trite phrases and workplace clichés that end up in so many of our conversations. Things like: “paradigm shift,” “change the culture,” “due diligence,” “think outside the box,” “low-hanging fruit.”

The idea is to quickly and clearly communicate an idea, but what results is a lot of gobbledygook and a lack of clarity. Our workplace guru, Brandon Smith, explains how to avoid using clichés and buzzwords – and how to encourage your boss to stop, too. It’s Working on GPB Radio.