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February 2, 2013 5:16am (EST)
(Photo Courtesy of <a href=>clairegren via Flickr</a>.)
(Photo Courtesy of clairegren via Flickr.)

American Airlines and U.S. Airways are getting hitched. So are Office Depot and OfficeMax.
Those have been high-profile mergers announced in the last 10 days, but these deals happen all the time on a smaller scale. And no matter the size of the company, they leave employees wondering about their future.
On this week’s <a href="">Working on GPB Radio</a>, Brandon Smith explains why you have time to figure out your future and what you need to be doing to get moving in the right direction as your company begins a merger.
<a href="" />Click here ask Brandon a question about your job or career. We might answer you on the air.</a>


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