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WORKING: Calling In Sick

(Photo Courtesy of Noel Abejo via stock.xchng.)
(Photo Courtesy of Noel Abejo via stock.xchng.)

The flu is no fun. I can attest to this fact after becoming one of the statistics quoted all over the news lately about the severity of this year’s flu season.

I caught the flu in the first days of January and it took me almost 10 days to get back to work. (I still have a bit of a cough, which the doctors say can take weeks to go away.)

My absence meant other people had to pick up my slack, as is the case in most offices. And with companies running leaner than ever, sick employees can become a real problem.

Brandon Smith says there are some things we can do to lessen the burden on our boss and co-workers when we have to call in sick. He explains in this week’s Working on GPB Radio.

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