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WORKING: Happy Hour

(Photo Courtesy of fahrenheit45one via Flickr.)
(Photo Courtesy of fahrenheit45one via Flickr.)

Sometimes it’s a social get-together. Other times it’s a more formal celebration of a job well-done or a promotion. In either case, the after-work, happy hour is pretty common.

But do you really have to socialize with people from work? Plus, we’re talking about alcohol with co-workers (in most cases), which seems to present it’s own set of risks.

Our workplace expert Brandon Smith says the happy hour can actually be a good time to get to know your colleagues, which in turn can make you a better team and build the kind of rapport you’ll need when you’re crashing on a deadline or trying to get something accomplished. (Plus, you only have to stay an hour or two.)

Hear why Brandon says all of that is so important on this week’s Working on GPB Radio.

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