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WORKING: Bring Your Own Device

(Photo Courtesy of Arjun Kartha via stock.xchng.)
(Photo Courtesy of Arjun Kartha via stock.xchng.)

Smartphones have been part of the business world since back in the days when Blackberries ruled (remember those?).

Laptops are ubiquitous. And now with tablets like the iPad, the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Kindle Fire becoming increasingly popular, working on the go has never been easier.

But it’s expensive for organizations to keep up with all that new technology and equip their workers. So some are opting not to, instead asking employees to use their devices for work applications.

It’s called BYOD – bring your own device – and it poses all sorts of security and technological concerns for an IT department. It can also create some messy privacy issues and make it even harder to have boundaries between your work and your personal time.

Brandon Smith explores some of the sticking points this week on Working on GPB Radio.

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