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The Dream School You Didn’t Think Existed – Be Inspired!

Sam Chaltain - The Ignite Show Thought Leader In Residence
Sam Chaltain - The Ignite Show Thought Leader In Residence

This school seems to truly be a school community we would all dream to replicate. I was introduced to The Mission School in Boston by my friend Sam Chaltain, who is writing about it all over the place –in Education Week, on his own blog, and on the link below which spotlights a video for you to see what I’m talking about. There is an obvious thread of such care for each other and intentional relationship building (which apparently increases student engagement) and it is just what Sam suggests we all need to be talking about, learning from and replicating. I agree!

The placement of importance on learning skills of communication and collaboration are exactly what we need all our students to embrace as a way to help them in the process of learning, but also in life!

So, be inspired as you watch what this K-8 school faculty and community have done to create an environment for student success – one that is student centered, and driven by “Habits of Mind” worth considering. In fact, think about your own school, your own students.Imagine if our middle and high schools adopted these practices? Wonder what could happen if you shared this video with your students and asked them to lead the way? Maybe we’d see student engagement rise and the joy of teaching return?

Just a thought for you to consider – and perhaps be inspired to act upon?