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Creating Margin to Breathe

"Brainfood" Vol.1 No. 1 by unboundary
"Brainfood" Vol.1 No. 1 by unboundary

We all need margin in every area of our lives -- extra room to breathe. I was recently reminded of this by our pastor who says that we all need more “breathing room” to be our best. I agree and am trying to be more intentional about this myself!

Think about it – room to relax and not just run errands, room to have a lengthy conversation about an idea instead of racing the kids to the next event or us to our next meeting! Even in the education arena – making room to think about the ways we might actually create learning spaces that allow students to lead, or to share their dreams!

I have started a conversation – slowly over coffee – with a colleague who recently shared this digest called "Brainfood" I LOVE THIS!! This is something for you to read when you take just 15 mins and breathe! It is exactly what it claims to be -- food for my brain and I wanted to share it with you! It is full of statistics that inform and point to what we know (or need to know!), it shares ideas by thought leaders worth listening to and all of this is layered with imagery in such a beautiful format that you want to sit and read every word!

When you find that margin for reflective thought in your day – join me will you in this thought? What one thing might we each do today to create a time and place to listen to the students we serve – and assist them in bringing their dreams to life!

Enjoy the breather!