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Teachers - Sharing What You Do Can Attract Professional Respect!

Sam Chaltain
Sam Chaltain

These two articles do a great job amplifying how critical it is for teachers to share the mystery and mastery of the teaching profession with more people!

1.) Laurie Calvert says that teachers need to "drive their own profession", in her article reporting on the August convening of 180 teachers, school principals and education advocates at the US Department of Education. Read the full article.

2.) Sam Chaltain, one of our Thought Leaders in residence, shares in his blog post titled "How Should Teachers Spell Respect", that if there is a misunderstanding about the rigor of the teaching profession then it is in large part the fault of teachers – and he is one himself!

Both writers reference The RESPECT PROJECT led by 16 teachers who worked part-time this past year for the US Department of Education to write this white paper for public viewing about how to transform the teaching profession.

So -- I agree -- we need to share with the general public more about what teachers are up against, and how they work hard each and every day to make sure our children thrive!

This is, in fact, what The Ignite Show is all about!

Find a way to make your voice louder in your own community - at a PTA or community meeting, hosting your own "RESPECT" gathering, or writing to a local newspaper or digital media platform. Let's raise the respect bar a bit -- and you know, it WILL make a difference for the general level of respect of teaching by all concerned - don't you think? Share your thoughts with me.