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The Ignite Show

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Let the Adventure Begin

Here’s to our new adventure together! I say that because today we launch a new initiative for you, the under-appreciated, under-supported educator who has no time to even think about stopping to enjoy the fragrance of a magnolia blossom. But you know, I’m determined to stand beside you and help you pause to consider relevant information, listen to the ideas of leaders, and allow the fragrance of humor, beauty and all that is good to grace your life. So, here we go!

We are creating The Ignite Show. It is intended to be an entertaining, lively, dynamic fast moving show built around the subject of education that point to the best resources imaginable. The only way this is possible is because you are helping us to create it all…which has already started to happen.

Our goal is to deliver content that is driven by you, the educator.

For example:

  • We will post a list of show topics for you to vote on and at the cutoff date, go with the majority vote.
  • We will ask who you want as our guest on the show and at the cut off, go with who you select.
  • We will take all the resources you like to use regularly – no matter where they are -- and organize them for you to access with ease and peace!
  • We will aggregate resources into one place.
  • We will share relevant, timely information.
  • We will laugh about funny things together, and bring the positive of all that you are doing front and center.
  • We will push when you want us to push and be your voice to advocate for what is important to you.

My background is such that I already do this – I have spent 20 years listening to teachers; I founded a nonprofit that helped schools implement arts integrations programs in their schools; prior to that, I spent 9 years in the corporate world learning how to push agendas and get things done.

Now I am working hard to make sure you, the educators of our youth, are celebrated, that your ideas are heard and your voices (and those of your students) are on a platform for all to hear.

Like any new venture, it’s a bit scary but mostly exhilarating. However, with your support and our two thought leaders in residence, (identities to be announced soon) I am confident this is an adventure worth pursuing!

Contact us, will you?