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No Joke: Antiques Roadshow Appraises 2008 Toshiba TV

It seemed like a segment that belonged on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” or a “Funny or Die” video. But it was no joke. “Antiques Roadshow” appraised a 2008 Toshiba TV.

The plasma television belonged to Gizmodo writer Brian Barrett and was assessed during the show’s visit to Birmingham.

Barrett admits he arranged to have it evaluated weeks in advance as part of a stunt. It allowed him to go through the “Antiques Roadshow” process: toting his treasure through the hordes of other hoarders at the convention center in order to see an appraiser. (Check out this post on what it is like to get something appraised on the show.)

The writer was fortunate enough to skip the hours of waiting on line. Even though, this was clearly a joke, antiques expert Gary Piattoni took it seriously. He checked the TV thoroughly and gave a final cash value that seemed to surprise Barrett. (Read more about Barrett’s experience.)

Watch the video below to find how much a 2008 Toshiba TV is worth nowadays.