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Ferret Week - Day 1

Sharks right?!

Na, last week has left us of The Daily Jog a little dry on sharks. Being big, toothy, and unable to look back can create all kinds of interesting tv and blogs. This week however we are in the mood for something more cuddly, portable, if not omni-directional.

So... here we are at the beginning of Ferret week here at The Daily Jog. Every day this week we will be talking about ferrets, how to care for ferrets, are ferrets good pets? , what is a ferret? and the internal slink-o-dymanics of ferret anatomy.

Let's get started ferret fun facts go!

Ferrets are mammals and they are a very close relative to polecats. They are so closely related in fact that they can be hard to tell apart, and in many cases can easily be ferret / polecat hybrids. The Vincent Wildlife Trust has put together a handy PDF that you can browse HERE that will assist you in spotting the differences between pole cats and ferrets should the need ever arise.