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See How PBS Station Lampoons Reality Shows to Show What's Wrong with TV

If you think reality shows are what's wrong with television today, you are not alone. I agree with you and so does New York PBS station WNET. In its #tvgonewrong pledge campaign, it spoofs the reality genre by rolling out hilarious yet convincing promos for the fake reality shows "Long Island Landscapers," "Meet the Tanners," and "Clam Kings".

Watch the promos for Long Island Landscapers, Meet the Tanners and Clam Kings along with "bonus clips" below.

A shout out to the Patrick's Place blog where I discovered this story.

Confession time: though I am not a fan of the reality show genre, I do watch them. Who could resist finding out whether Jackson Galaxy will solve the behavior problems of insane, mean house cats on the Animal Planet series "My Cat from Hell"? Since my brother is a truck driver, I couldn't help become enticed by the over the road drama on the History Channel show "Ice Road Truckers."

Animal Planet, the History Channel and several "smart" cable networks came into being to compete with PBS. But they have succumbed to the glamour of unscripted inane television shows.

You can always depend on us at GPB to deliver quality programs that educate, challenge and entertain you - but never dumb you down. During this pledge period, won't you please help us to keep doing so?