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Star Trek Into Darkness and Our Nerdtastic Summer Movie List

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With Star Trek Into Darkness in theaters today and Iron Man 3 already out, this summer movie season will definitely be a nerd’s dream with oodles of comic book and sci-fi themed movies coming out. There are so many movies to see and a whole summer to catch them. We’ve made a list with short descriptions to help you keep track and you can check it twice or as often as you’d like.

Our Nerdtastic Summer Movie List

  • After Earth - Father son Will Smith and Jaden Smith team up in this flick about Earth 1000 years later - May 31
  • Man of Steel - New Superman movie featuring super hot British actor Henry Cavill from the Tudors and Russell Crowe as his dad Jor'EL- June 14
  • World War Z - Apocalyptic zombie film starring Brad Pitt - June 21
  • Pacific Rim - Robots attack the earth and another hot British actor - Idris Elba tries to stop them - July 12
  • R.I.P.D. - Dead cops come back to life to inflict justice starring Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges - July 19
  • The Wolverine - Movie about X-Men comic book character Wolverine played by Hugh Jackman - July 26
  • 300 Rise of an Empire - Sequel to the 300 unfortunately hearthrob Gerard Butler isn't in it - August 8
  • Elysium - Matt Damon attempts to bring equality to an apocalyptic earth - August 9
  • Kick-Ass 2 - The sequel to the movie about regular people being comic book hero vigilantes. - August 16
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Did we miss a movie? Let us know and add to this list.