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Happy Pi Day!

If you’re a superstitious person, #teamShakespeare, or Julius Caesar, then the impending March 15 (aka The Ides of March) is a day that is probably already on your radar…though maybe not so much as a celebration if the latter is true. But for math enthusiasts and the self-described inner “nerds” that many of us profess, today’s March 14 (3/14) marks a day to be commemorated for the national recognition of pi.

If you can regress back to your high school math classes for a moment, you’ll remember that this sixteenth letter of the Greek alphabet π represents the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.

So how does one turn a now trillions characters long digit into a day worth celebrating? Well here are a couple of ways to celebrate this special day!

1) We’ll maybe with a little song:

2) Or with some food-based proofing:

3) Shop some Pi Day deals. In honor of the day, Microsoft is offering a 3.14% discount on there Dell Latitude tablets HERE

4) Find out how well you know or try your hand at memorizing Pi with this app for iTunes.

5) Or homonyms are always fun and sometimes tasty. Don a party hat, buy a pie, and wish a Happy Birthday to world-renowned physicist, Albert Einstein. Please don’t think him rude if he doesn’t say, “Thank you.” He’s, um...shy.

Ultimately, though, the day is yours to celebrate this phenomenon of mathematics however you want. So be creative and incorporate some 3.14 fun in your life somewhere today. Happy Pi Day Everyone!