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First It's a Table

Check out this cool bed from Resource Furniture.  Trust me.  That's totally a bed.
Check out this cool bed from Resource Furniture. Trust me. That's totally a bed.

Once again, we’re bringing you something that we think is A-MAZ-ING… but this time it isn’t an app. It’s furniture with such eloquent and intelligent design, that we find it both beautiful and techy. You could call it nerd chic. What it is is brilliant!

The good folks over at Resource Furniture design space that is thoroughly livable, no matter its size or what you need it to do. What they have done is designed -- actually designed, engineered, and built spaces that actually do the things you need them to do. Say you have a 6x9 “room” in an apartment. That space can be an office, dining room, and bedroom. Yes, and. They call it “transform[ing] a space with both beauty and functionality.” In the event that you think I am overselling this, believe that I am not and check out the video below because, frankly, it is beyond words.

Imagine the implications: furniture that takes up less space and less material is user-and eco-friendly. Currently, it’s uncommon enough to be a little costly. The convertible table/ bed with built in shelving as you see it in the image below runs around $4800-$6400, depending on finishes. When you think about the space it's saving, thereby increasing your freedom, creativity, and improving your quality of life, plus the incredible design and craftsmanship involved, it doesn't sound like such a bad deal.

I'm not saying this is perfect. For example, every time one of our team members watched this for the first time we all had the same question, "Where is the outlet?" We need to charge our myriad devices, after all. Also, some of my photo frames are definitely larger than 12 inches high. That wouldn't work on these shelves. Still, I could work around that by putting photos on the shelf side of my bed!!

You can learn more about Resource Furniture by exploring their website. There are a few more videos on YouTube you can find, too. With over 6 million views on this video, it’s clearly making an impression.