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Super Hexagon Reminds You That Geometry Can Be Hard

Super Hexagon is mean... that is why you love it.
Super Hexagon is mean... that is why you love it.

Sorry for the late post everyone. Things have been cray cray here in New Media. To run with the fast paced theme I have decided to recommend the game Super Hexagon by cruel video game super genius Terry Cavanagh.

Super Hexagon is similar to the infinite runner games such as Temple Run. You are a small triangle that rotates around the center of the screen. You tap on the left and right sides of the screen to pivot around narrowly avoiding what feels like a never-ending stream of deadly walls.

I'm not here to lie to you… Super Hexagon is TOUGH. The colors of the world are constantly shifting and the perspective can rotate in the opposite direction of your destination. At first this is disorienting, infuriating even. There is so much information being presented in a single second that your first run with Super Hexagon will likely be in the single digits. It feels unfair. It feels like being setup to fail. However, you are only a single tap away from instantly jumping into another round. Another round where you will be more prepared. Another round that might be a whole 10 seconds instead of just 5.

The brutal difficulty, and simplicity of Super Hexagon is what makes it work. After every game you feel as if you have gotten better. Each triangular face plant into a wall brings you one step closer to your 60 second goal. Patterns emerge, your motion sickness fades, and in their place is an oddly satisfying (dare I say meditative) experience.

If you have gotten here and find yourself excited, take a look at Super Hexagon. It runs 2.99 in the iTunes app store and Google Play.

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