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Talking Up A Storm

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Say Hello Tropical Storm Don!

The National Hurricane Center has just named the next tropical cyclone of the 2011 season! Tropical Storm Don formed in the Gulf of Mexico on Wednesday, July 27, and he is located about 755 miles southeast of Corpus Christi, Texas. Don's maximum sustained wind speeds are 35 knots (40 mph), minimum central pressure is 1001 millibars, and he is moving west-northwest at 10 knots (12 mph). More information about Tropical Storm Don can be found at the National Hurricane Center's website.

Don's movement towards the west-northwest implies that Don would eventually make landfall along the United State's Gulf Coast, particularly in Texas. However, some forecast models indicate a landfall location around the Houston and Galveston areas, while other forecast models suggest that Tropical Storm Don would make landfall closer to the city of Brownsville, Texas. The National Hurricane Center's forecast track suggests a compromise between the two extremes, as illustrated below.



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