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Talking Up A Storm

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Trouble In The Tropics?

Update: In addition to Tropical Storm Bret, Tropical Storm Cindy formed in the Atlantic Ocean on Wednesday, July 20, 2011. However, Cindy formed well to the east of the United States and will continue to track towards the east-northeast; therefore, Cindy will not make landfall within the United States. More information about Tropical Storm Cindy can be found at the National Hurricane Center's website.

The next tropical cyclone of the 2011 season has been named! Tropical Storm Bret formed in the Atlantic Ocean on July 17, 2011 - just east of the Florida coast.

According to the National Hurricane Center, an Air Force Hurricane Hunter plane flew into the storm and determined that the cyclone contained a "well-defined low-level center of circulation.""well-defined low-level center of circulation." However, the NHC hints that the atmospheric conditions near Tropical Storm Bret are not ideal for strengthening, and at this time none of the forecast models suggest that Bret will strengthen into a hurricane.

Nevertheless, Tropical Storm Bret is exhibiting maximum sustained winds of 45 knots (50 mph), a minimum central pressure of 1000 millibars, and a movement towards the north-northeast at 5 knots (6 mph). Up to date information about Tropical Storm Bret can be found from the National Hurricane Center's website.


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