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Talking Up A Storm

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Football Friday's Forecast - Weather Conditions Along the Road to the Dome

Happy Football Friday, everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday and a safe shopping experience this morning. I also hope that you are excited for this evening's match-ups as the best high school football teams dominate their way along the Road to the Dome!

We've experienced some rather cold temperatures for the past few weeks. Luckily, the weather will give us a break this week - many areas of the state will be kicking off in the 50's and even lower 60's! High pressure will dominate the area, bringing mild and pleasant weather conditions for our football games.

Mostly clear skies will be present, although the moon will be absent - we are in the New Moon phase, which means the moon is located in between the Sun and the Earth during its orbit. We are seeing the unilluminated, or "darkside" of the moon during this phase.

Today is also an astronomically special day because a partial solar eclipse will be occurring during the day; unfortunately, though, the eclipse will only be observable in the Southern Hemisphere (think Antarctica!). For more information about the partial solar eclipse, check out NASA's website about the event.

Surface Weather Map from NOAA and the Hydrological Prediction Center
Surface Weather Map

Forecast for the North/Central Area
North Central November 25th

Forecast for the Southwest Area
Southwest November 25th

Forecast for the Southeast Area
Southeast November 25th

You can watch the Dacula @ Walton game online right here at In addition, the Dacula @ Walton game will be aired live on GPB TV.

Have a safe and happy Football Friday!!