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Talking Up A Storm

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Football Fridays Forecast

Time for another round of Football Fridays! A dry front is moving through the state, so while we will not receive rain (or very much in cloud cover), we will see a change in temperature and dew points. What's in store for game time? Think cool temperatures and breezy conditions - luckily, no rain is in the forecast. Once the sun goes down after kick off, much of the state will cool to the upper 50s and lower 60s. Bring an extra jacket or blanket, and enjoy the game!

Forecast for the North/Central region of the State

north/central forecast

Forecast for the Southeast region of the state

southeast forecast

Forecast for the Southwest region of the state

southwest forecast

You can watch the Lassiter versus Walton game and the Ringgold versus Heritage game online at In addition, the Lassiter versus Walton game will be televised on Georgia Public Broadcasting. As a former participant in high school and college marching bands, I am looking forward to this match up - Lassiter and Walton have some of the best bands in the state!

Enjoy the games, and have a great weekend!