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This is What it Looks Like When Dogs Surf

Photo Courtesy Unleashed by Petco.
Photo Courtesy Unleashed by Petco.

Dogs can hang 10 just like the big kahunas. Ok that is my best attempt at surfer speak to share the story of how 50 dogs came together to compete in the Unleashed by Petco Surf Dog competition.

This is what it looks like when dogs surf - well they look like human surfers - just with four legs. They hold their own on boards and ride the waves.

They competed based on five criteria: length of the ride, size of the wave, the dog’s confidence while riding the wave, the dog’s positioning and the dog’s personality. Professional surfer Taylor Knox was among the judges.

The winning dogs were:

Small Dogs: First Place: Ziggy, Second Place: Torry, Third Place: Mr. Tuff

Medium Dogs: First Place: Richocet, Second Place: Abbe Girl, Third Place: Kalani

Large Dogs:First Place: Hanzo, Second Place: Turbo, Third Place: King

Tandem: First Place: Hanzo and Kalani, Second Place: Ricochet and Antonio, Third Place: Konakai and Zack.

Petco Surf Dog Competition

In addition to the surfing, the crowd of spectators enjoyed everything the event had to offer including a dog park, treats for both dogs and humans, and a dog wash station. Animal care experts were also on hand to ensure all participants were kept safe.