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Grumpy Cat From Meme to Movie Star

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Image courtesy

What’s next for Grumpy Cat, the web’s favorite pet meme and poster cat for the curmudgeon in all of us? Grumpy Cat the movie! Grumpy’s agent has signed a film deal for the cat whose real name is Tarder Sauce. She will star in it and we will hear her voice for the first time because she is supposed to talk in it too.

Think Garfield the cat for the new millenium but with more bite. News reports are pegging this as a family friendly film too, but who knows how that will work.

Grumpy is no stranger to the big screen. She’s featured in the documentary Lil Bub & Friendz which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in April and profiles Internet cat celebrities. She’s already proven her power to draw crowds. Remember the gobs of people clamoring to see her at the SXSW festival this year?

But if you can’t wait to see the Grumpy cat film, you can always watch her anytime you want to for free on her YouTube Channel.

Hm, a Grumpy Cat movie? Would it be awful? Would you go see it? And what should the plot be about? Share your witty catchphrases with us.