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12 Dog Photos to Make You Smile


Here in Georgia, the weather is grey and dismal adding to the beginning of the week blahs. If you're like me and need a happiness booster, then take a look at these 12 dog photos that will make you smile

1.) This dog who is this baby's big sis. Courtesy: dog and baby sis


2.) The dog who carried his chihuahua friend on the water. Courtesy: dog rescuing the chihuaua in water


3.) And this dog feeding his lamb friend a bottle. Courtesy dog feeding lamb a bottle


4.) This dog who protects his goat friend from bullies. Courtesy dog feeding lamb a bottle


5.) This German shepherd carrying his friend in a basket.Courtesy german shepherd carrying dog in basket


6.) This dog lounging in a stroller at last year's Barkworld Expo. dog in a stroller at barkworld


7.) This dog showing off his Bastille Day outfit. Courtesy
dog in Bastille Day outfit


8.) My chihuahua Bijou dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow. Bijou dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow


9.) This dog dressed up as a reindeer. Courtesy Dog dressed up as a reindeer.


10.) John lulling his arthritic dog Schoep to sleep in Lake Superior. This photo launched a legacy foundation for sick dogs and their owners who can't afford to pay their medical bills. And raised money for Schoep's medical care! Courtesy

John and Schoep in Lake Superior.

11.) This owner making sure his dog got rescued during Hurricane Sandy.
Ray and dog being rescued during Hurricane Sandy.

12.) And this boy and his dog saying their prayers!
Dog and boy praying.