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How to Find the Right Dog for You Part 3

Bijou dresses as Captain Jack Sparrow at the annual Petco Halloween party.
Bijou dresses as Captain Jack Sparrow at the annual Petco Halloween party.

So what does dressing up a dog as Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean have to do with finding the right dog for you? The answer is easy. Once you’ve found that perfect canine companion, you’ll want to integrate it into your life in many ways. People who like the outdoors take their pets hiking. And people who like costume parties like me - take their cute chihuahua mixes to pet Halloween parties at Petco!

If you’ve followed the first two parts of my blog, I told you how I went from being a cat person to a dog lover. I shared the lessons I learned about choosing the right dog. Then in part two, I discussed making the bigger transition, learning how to take care of a dog versus a cat.

But the biggest and most rewarding lesson I learned is how much pets (particularly) dogs have a way of providing comfort during difficult times.

I got Bijou for my mom after my father died. Bijou has been an emotional joy for the both of us in dealing with that grief. It’s all through his simple actions: snuggling up to us during thunderstorms, hanging out at the kitchen table during mealtimes and running to my car when I’ve pulled into the driveway. There are many other examples, but overall we spoil him because he in turn has spoiled us with his presence.

Bijou smiling at the Ark Animal HospitalHow has finding the right dog for you changed your life? Make sure you share your comments here.