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Extended Stay Pet-Friendly Hotels Help You Feel at Home

Summer relaxes.
Summer relaxes.

This past week marked what is hopefully the final chapter of a very interesting adventure with my four pets. The final repairs have been completed at my house after a saga that began in late June with a leaking refrigerator that damaged my kitchen cabinets and a significant portion of my hardwood floors.
Upon hearing the news that I would have to move out of my house while the repairs were being done, I immediately became concerned with what to do with my three cats, Sydney, Simba and Colby, and my dog Summer.

I began looking online for pet-friendly hotels, and I found several in the Midtown Atlanta area, which made my work commute more convenient. One site that I’ve found helpful is I didn’t want to board any of my pets, and the hotel limits would not allow me to take all four of my animals. So while I headed to the Residence Inn in Buckhead with Summer, my parents generously agreed to take in all three of the cats.

I was thankful to be in a place that was more like a studio apartment for travelers on extended stays. The hotel had many of the comforts of home, and the best part of it was that the pet policy allowed me to bring Summer.

I had never brought an animal on a trip that involved a hotel stay before, so I was a bit nervous about how she would adjust. Ironically, she had shown up on my doorstep almost two years ago to the day, on July 5. She was lying on my porch when I arrived home from work. When I approached her, she was so wobbly she could hardly stand. Her fur was matted and she was not wearing a collar.

Although I already had three cats at that point and no plans to get a dog, we bonded in a way that night that assured she’d found a home with me. I took her to the vet for a checkup and found out that she was microchipped. From the information I was able to gather, she’s had a difficult past, being adopted from a shelter at nine weeks old and then going through a few homes before making her way to my house. I spoke with the person whose name was registered as her owner with the microchip company, but I was told that she had given Summer to someone else. There was no further information available on that person.

It has taken time, but I’ve been able to integrate her into the household. Her presence has made a huge difference in my life. Taking her on walks has helped me to get to know my neighbors better and more about the area where I live. It’s hard to explain, but she’s helped to make my house feel like more of a home for me.
The time that we spent at the hotel strengthened our bond as well. She adjusted to the new environment very quickly, and it helped that there was a lot of room on the grounds to take her on walks. We even found a park near the hotel where she could play. Once again, Summer made herself feel at home – and me too.