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For Teacher Appreciation Week - Teachers Reflect on the Profession

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week, Educators! Yes we remembered.

May 5-9 is the week set aside to pay you homage. What better way to acknowledge you than to actually ask you what you think about the teaching profession?

The University of Phoenix did just that. They surveyed nearly 1,000 full-time teachers nationwide. Here are their reflections on why they entered the profession, the challenges they face and how they want parents to be involved in the classroom.

Why they Teach:

  • Wanted to make a difference in children’s lives: 73%
  • Enjoy working with children: 72%
  • Was inspired by a teacher when I was a student: 49%
  • Wanted to inspired change in education: 34%

Their Frustrations:

  • The focus on standardized testing: 69%
  • Students’ lack of respect for authority: 63%
  • Lack of parent involvement in the classroom: 47%
  • Class sizes being too big: 47%
  • The significant gap between student achievement levels: 47%
  • The difficulty in disciplining children: 43%

How Much Parents are Involved:

  • Want parents involved in their classrooms: 97%
  • Teachers who say less than half of parents are involved in their classrooms: 76%
  • Teachers who say 75 to 100 percent of the parents are involved in the classroom: 8%

How They'd Like Parents to get Involved:

  • Regularly communicate: 71%
  • Not wait until there is an issue to connect: 67%
  • Ask about how their child can improve: 66%
  • Donate supplies: 47%
  • Visit the classroom: 38%
  • Volunteer in the classroom: 35%

You can view the full survey results here.

Have a great Teacher Appreciation Week and tell us what else you’d like us to know about being a teacher.