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The New British Invasion

The British Invasion doesn’t only refer to the Beatles’ takeover of American music in the ‘60s, it refers to the content theme being offered by PBS Learning Media this week. British Invasion is a collection of U.K. themed content you can use in the classroom. Teachers who are Downton Abbey and Sherlock fans - they thought of you when they came up with this!

But seriously, much literature and history come from are friends across the pond. So for example, you can use this lesson and video on Wuthering Heights to teach the book.

Take some of the boredom out teaching Shakespeare with this game and infographic on the Hollow the Crown series that covers Richard II and Henry IV Part 1 and Part 2:

By the way, notice that actor Tom Hiddleston, now famous for playing Loki in the Thor movies, appears in the Henry IV plays. That’s a good hook to get students to pay attention.

Teach your students about the secrets buried beneath London’s underground in Secrets of Underground London. These are lessons that would serve both history and science classes well as they cover history and the science of dating artifacts.


You can also teach your students the real history of Selfridge’s department store with Secrets of Selfridges.

For Sherlock fans there are the Secrets of Scotland Yard videos and lessons that explain how the prestigious detective force really works.