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Download the Georgia Studies Digital Textbook for iPad

It’s finally here, the Georgia Studies Digital Textbook for iPad! We first told you about how we created a digital edition of THE GEORGIA STORIES BOOK: OUR STATE AND THE NATION for Kindles last fall. Now it’s available for download for iPad for you and your students.

The iPad edition is out of this world and I am not saying this because I’m part of the team that developed it. It has eyepopping images of Georgia historic sites, maps that pop out, videos and chapter quizzes. It was made for iPads so you and your students can swipe and pinch your way through the book to your heart’s content.

How to Download and Sign up for it:

Follow these steps to get access to it.

Download the GPB app from the iTunes store. As a bonus, you will also get access to our free interactive magazine Your GPB.

Sign up for a login and password that we will provide to you.

Check your email inbox for the username and password we have sent to you.

Go to you iPad, click on the GPB app and then click on the Sign In button. (You should see it on the right hand side of the screen.)

Plug in your username and password that we sent you. After you are logged in, you can start downloading each chapter.