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How a Fourth Grade Teacher Uses PBS Learning Media

PBS Learning Media has been available for two years now. How are you using it in the classroom? Need some ideas? Here is how fourth grade teacher Elizabeth Slifer, a PBS Learning Media Teacher Core from Illinois uses the portal. Below is an excerpt from her account in Ed Tech Digest.

“As a fourth-grade teacher, I really love having access to digital media to take learning to a deeper level with my students. Throughout the day, I am able to access media to demonstrate examples that answer their many questions while watching the students who “get it” often use that media to help others to “find it.” It’s an exciting time to be teaching, and to have the opportunities to use new tools with students of all ages. Let me tell you what happens in my classroom throughout the day using the power of technology and educational media.”

“I utilize the PBS Learning Media site almost every day! This is a great resource from PBS that offers free access to digital content for all classroom levels. Our favorite movement activity is Mixie’s Boogie Buffet from Fizzy’s Lunch Lab. This allows movement half way through the morning or anytime I feel that we need to get up and stretch. I do it right along with the students.”

You can read the rest of her account here.

How are you using PBS Learning Media classroom? Share your experiences in the comments below or email us at Your stories may be used in a blog series coming soon.