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Try Your Hand at Being a Scientist at the Fernbank

The concept behind the Fernbank Museum's Science at Hand Day which takes place Saturday, November 9 is to put students in touch with the professionals involved in a variety of scientific careers and let them walk in their shoes.

Students will get to chat it up with biologists, astronomers, scientists, chemists and community volunteers involved in the field. Then they can their hands dirty trying out experiments, building brains out of dough and figuring out how to make an earthquake proof building.

Below is a full list of the schedule of activities. As we are trying to get students more excited and interested in S.T.E.M. Careers, here is a relevant, creative way to do it.

  • Earthquake Engineering Research Institute - Georgia Tech ChapterBuild structures and test their stability in earthquakes. Simulate earthquakes and observe their impacts. Is there such a thing as an earthquake-proof building?"
  • Clayton State Chemistry ClubMarvel at the magic of chemistry—make electrons flow through clay, and separate mixtures to reveal beautiful pictures.
  • Clayton State SEEDS ChapterExplore the science of ecology and how everything on our planet is connected.
  • Astronomy Club at Georgia State UniversityInvestigate the wonders of our solar system and all the remarkable objects within it.
  • Clayton County Water AuthorityLearn more about the water we drink and where it comes from. Why are wetlands important for water, animals and plants?
  • Emory University – NSF Center for Selective C-H FunctionalizationCaffeinated Chemistry? See what happens when a slow reaction gets a boost through a process called catalysis.
  • Georgia Tech Human Factors and Ergonomics Society
    Experience a game that simulates a range of driving experiences. Also enjoy a "What's wrong with this picture?" game to show how designs can be confusing to users.
  • Georgia State Neuroscience InstituteWhat do brains do? Check out animal brains, and build one of your own out of dough.
  • NSF/NASA Center for Chemical EvolutionGet messy and hands-on with scientific paradigms. How would you expect sand to behave in water? What about cornstarch and water?
  • Authors of Roadside Geology of Georgia (Roadside Geology Series) 10am-2pm Meet the authors of the new Roadside Geology of Georgia (Roadside Geology Series), Dr. Pamela Gore and Dr. Bill Witherspoon. Pick up your copy of the book in Fernbank’s gift shop and have it signed by the authors.
  • ArchaeoBus 10am-2pm The ArchaeoBus is a travelling emissary for the Society for Georgia Archaeology, bringing dynamic educational programs to students and people around the state. Come explore Georgia’s Mobile Archaeology Classroom!
  • Walk Through Time with Roadside Geology of Georgia - 1pm, A Walk Through Time in Georgia, Entry Level See the Fernbank exhibition A Walk Through Time in Georgia in a new light as co-author of Roadside Geology of Georgia, Dr. Bill Witherspoon leads guests through the exhibit. Meet at the exhibition Orientation Desk for what is sure to be a one of a kind experience.