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Words of Wisdom for Veteran’s Day

If your students could create a video time capsule to share messages with veteran’s of the future what would they say? What advice would they give? What observations would they share about our wars or about peace?

For this exercise in honor of Veteran's Day, perhaps they could draw inspiration from the veterans who shared words of wisdom as part of our World War II Oral History Project. The project presents World War II war stories from the veteran’s who fought in the conflict and others through interviews, letters and photos. Some of the interviewed veterans include the legendary Tuskeegee Airman.

Many World War II veterans are dying. To hear what they have to say is priceless. You and your students can review the entire history project here.

Here are excerpts of their words of wisdom:

Wayne Smith on how students need to value and guard freedom:

Roy Cadenhead on the power of liberty:

Sam Arbiser on the importance of living in peace:

Your turn. What messages would you and your students like to share to veterans? Post them here.