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PBS Teacherline Southeast: An Oldie, but Goodie

Much has been made about MOOCs - massively open online courses, college classes that people can take for free or at little cost. (Georgia Tech recently caused a stir by offering a Computer Science Master's degree for under seven thousand dollars as a MOOC.) But I’m here to talk about one of the forerunners of MOOCs, PBS Teacherline.

Consider it an oldie, but goodie. Like MOOCs, PBS Teacherline Southeast courses are available online. But unlike many MOOCs, PBS Teacherline classes are offered for credit. In fact, the courses are designed with educators in mind. So teachers can earn PLUs. The next round of Teacherline courses start October 23.

Here is a sample of some of the courses teachers can take:

  • Math in Everyday Life for Grades K-5
  • The Habitable Planet: A Systems Approach to Environmental Science
  • America's History in the Making
  • Digital Tools for Innovative Learning

View the full list of courses here.

PBS Teacherline recently launched self-paced courses. These are classes that can be taken at one’s convenience. Below are some of the courses being offered.

  • MATH1001 Encouraging Mathematical Communication Skills (K-2)
  • MATH1005 Developing Mathematical Problem Solving Skills (K-2)
  • MATH1011 Fostering Mathematical Reasoning Skills (K-2)
  • SCIE1001 Many Planets One Earth (9-12)

We’ve received positive feedback from people who have taken PBS Teacherline courses in the past. Check out these comments.

Liberty County Schools, Valeria Richard, INST320: "Thanks the course was Great! The instructor was too! I would definitely continue to take advantage of future courses with PBS as it continues to offer courses to individuals. I would also encourage and recommend PBS to all stakeholders, such as, educators, parents, and the community constituents."

Savannah-Chatham County Public Schools, Larry Adkins, INST320 & TECH340: “…what a smart move I made choosing PBS Teacherline. The online part was a little frightening to me at first, but the instructors and the site layout made it seem like I was sitting in an actual classroom. I have learned so much that I can actually use in my class, but even more applied to things I “thought” I knew. The Tech340 class opened my eyes to how the internet “really” works. The INST320 class helped me understand just how to talk to parents and get them to assist with my class and the school as a whole. PBS Teacherline is a can’t miss educational opportunity for teachers and you can even get PLU’s or college credit as a bonus.”

I encourage you to take a PBS Teacherline class and tell us how you fair.