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American Graduate Day is September 28

American Graduate Day is Saturday September 28. It’s a multi-platform public media event that focuses on keeping students on the path to graduation.

This initiative is close to our hearts. We're passionate about helping teachers help students succeed in school. High school graduation rates in Georgia are troublesome. While the percentage increased this past spring - up 69.7 percent from last year’s 67.4 percent - we agree with Georgia’s state school superintendent that that’s not quite enough.

That is why we developed the Stop the Drop YouTube video contest last year and we are offering it again. To refresh your memory, students are invited to submit a 30 second video via YouTube that promotes the importance of staying in school. Students are influenced by their peers. Often if they craft and give the message, their friends are more willing to pay attention to it.

Encourage your students to enter. The deadline is Sunday November 17, 2013. The grand prize winner gets 1,000.00. Plus the winning entry will be announced on December 14, 2013 during the GHSA High School Football Championships broadcast.

Take a look at the winning entry from last year.

What you Can Do on American Graduate Day

Join the community forum that airs on GPB Knowledge starting at 12 p.m. on Saturday, September 28. If you don’t get that channel, no worries. You can watch the event via livestream.

Broadcasters and special Guests include Campbell Brown, JuJu Chang, Harold Ford Jr, Jeff Greenfield, Bryant Gumbel, Mo Rocca Assif Mandvi, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Deborah Norville, Colin Powell, Mike Rowe, Ray Suarez, Mark Teixeira, Jay Thomas, Brian Williams and among others.

Throughout the day, viewers and online users will be invited to become American Graduate Champions by connecting with their local public television stations and the featured local community organizations.

Participate Through Social Media

Viewers will be encouraged to participate in the event by asking questions and sharing ideas before and during the broadcast on Twitter using the hashtag #AmGrad and on Facebook.Those interested in becoming an “American Graduate Champion” can also call the Toll free number on the day of broadcast or log on to to find out more about the national and regional organizations and how to help in their hometowns.