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Video: Student Goes Off on Teacher for Lazy Teaching

Some videos go viral because they show students behaving badly - like the Making the Bus Monitor Cry video showing students bullying an adult school bus attendant to the point of real tears. This video is being noticed because it shows a student going off on a teacher because he is frustrated with her lazy teaching.

Posted by Gawker and reported on by Education Week, it shows 18 year old Jeff Bliss of Duncanville High School in Texas, chiding his history teacher for not caring about her students and for her lackluster teaching style.

“If you would just teach them instead of handing them a freakin’ packet, yo!” Bliss complains getting up to walk out of the class.

“I’m telling you what you need to do,” he continues. “You want kids to come into your class - you want them to get excited for this, you gotta come in here, you got to make them excited.” He goes on to give an impassioned speech about wanting to get an education, students being the nation’s future and what he would do to teach the students better.

Watch this speech for yourself.

Though he was being insolent, I can’t help but root for Bliss in this case. According to a Dallas Fort-Worth news affiliate, it turns out he really wants an education. He had dropped out of high school but had returned to get his diploma. Thus his tirade is coming from a sincere place; he is serious about learning.

As this Teacher Appreciation Week comes to an end, perhaps this is an odd tribute to teachers: it’s a sign that students do appreciate, want and need good, dedicated instructors in their lives to guide them and well - teach them.

What do you think of this video? Did the student go too far or was he in the right?