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Watch the Falconcam

For more than five years a family of peregrine falcons have been nesting atop the Suntrust Tower in downtown Atlanta. What do the falcons do all day? How does the mother falcon nurture her eggs? And if we put a camera on them all day would they snap at each other like other reality show families like the Kardashians or the Braxtons from Braxton Family Values?

I’m sure they wouldn't do the latter but our pals at Georgia Outdoors were curious enough to help the Georgia Department of Natural Resources re-establish their live webstream of the bird nest. We affectionately refer to it as the Falconcam. You and your students can observe the mama falcon sitting on her eggs 24/7 by checking out the livestream below.

Here are some interesting facts about Peregrine Falcons:

  • “Peregrines are possibly the world’s fastest animal, diving at more than 200 mph to nab pigeons, ducks and other birds in mid-air.”
  • They are so adaptable they can be found in almost any habitat.
  • They migrate to warmer climates during the winter but return north for mating season.
  • Female peregrine falcons lay up to four eggs.
  • They were once listed as extinct.

Login to PBS Learning Media to learn more about the peregrine falcon through some of these resources:

Falconcam on Ustream